Monday, October 10, 2011

Winner of Treasury Challenge #26

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in the Alpaca team's 24th treasury challenge! I hope everybody had fun and I can't wait to see what you come up with this week!

Below is this week's winner, chosen by MyMothersStuff.

Here's what MyMothersStuff had to say about the challenge and the treasuries!

It was such an honor to be named winner of the #25 challenge! Thank you CatchSomeRaes!

When I chose my vintage black bear fur coat as the inspiration item for this week's challenge, I expected to see more than a few Halloween themes. I was surprised not to. But, that's OK, because the variety of imaginative treasuries was wonderful! We had dreamy, wintery, animal, thoughtful, fun and carnival themed creations... and certainly some that were very beautiful! I enjoyed each and every single one!

So, after looking at all the treasuries at least three times, I narrowed them down to my top six choices. It was NOT easy.

Congratulations to CreateTruth for her winning treasury,

I chose this one because of the beautifully melancholy hopefulness of the story told and the lovely curation.

And, although it didn't make it into the challenge thread, it did make it into my activity feed on Saturday night and I want to give special mention to another one created by CreateTruth, Sunday Go To Meetin' because her special remembrance treasury also struck a very special remembrance cord deep in my heart.

And, now, in no particular order, I'd like to mention these close runner-ups!

From Shalotta, My Darling Ringmaster for its portrayal of all that we attend the circus to see... the strange, the bold and the exotic.

From NouveauTique, oh my... for the sheer fun of the theme and the curation.

From pamelasjewelry, Due North and CatchSomeRaes, a chill in the air for the beauty they found for their wonderful wintery collections.

From VeritasCrafts, URBAN ASSAULT for the sophisticated and chic arrangement for her mature urban theme.

Thank you all for participating this week. It was an honor to view each and every treasury submission!

And, a special thanks to Alpaca4US for keeping our weekly challenges orderly and on track!



Congratulations to CreateTruth and all the honorable mentions!!

The next challenge will begin... Tuesday, October 11th at noon Eastern!

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