Thursday, April 14, 2011

Alpaca Team Gets SNEAK ATTACKED!!

Sounds bad, doesn't it?! Don't worry... it's not. :)

What on earth is a Sneak Attack?!

A chance to make someone's day! Twice a week, sponsors (from the Handmade Movement Team on Etsy) choose new or undiscovered shops to "Sneak" up on, and "Attack" with sales and hearts!

The aim is to get the "victim" shops a whole slew of surprise item views, favorites, and sales in a very short time. Thus, giving them a whole lotta love and encouragement!

I'm Sponsoring!

From now on... I will be sponsoring a monthly Sneak Attack, featuring at LEAST ONE member from our team - 1000 Things Alpaca!

This will help promote the Sneak Attacks (which are an amazing idea) and also promote our members and Alpaca products at the same time! Plus, giving little surprise morale boosts to some of our undiscovered teammates! :)

Meet Today's Victims!

Today... two of my 3 "victims" are from the 1000 Things Alpaca Team!! :D

A brand new Alpaca Team member! She opened her Etsy shop this January, and sells all sorts of adorable fiber arts products!

Needle-felted animals, hearts, Easter eggs, key-chains, magnets, knitted fingerless gloves, and lots more! SUCH adorable things!!

An Alpaca Team member! Their Etsy shop was started in February and (before this Sneak Attack) they haven't had a sale yet! I can't imagine why though - I LOOOVE their things!

Amazingly dyed (and some natural too!) roving and yarn, for all of your crafty projects!

A new & undiscovered Etsy seller! Not an Alpaca member, but WOW does she have some incredible tasty treats!

She opened her store this February, and sells some of the most delicious-looking (AND gluten-free!!) sweets that I've seen on Etsy! Smores, Earl Grey Tea Loaf, Biscotti, Brownies, Chocolate Wafers - YUM!!

We Would Love Your Support...

Find out more about how to help by clicking here. And... Come chat with the Sneakers, on our Handmade Movement Team forums thread! We'd love to have you!

Even if you can't make a purchase, you can still help and participate in the attack, by spreading the word and hearting the "victims" shops and items. Adding them to your circle, and following/fanning them on Facebook and Twitter are also great ideas, if they have accounts set up!

It's VERY easy to participate! Hope to see you there!! :)


  1. Thanks so much for sponsoring and finding these awesome shops!

    Linda (Engelfelt)

  2. I can tell you that Brandy, of barefoot bananas was soooo excited when she was sneak attacked!!!! That's such a great idea!

  3. Aww FallingLadies, I'm so glad!! She deserves it, she is a great seller and has such a lovely shop! :)

  4. What a great idea! If anyone is attacked, this sounds like the perfect no-harm way! There are so many talented crafters and artisans who have yet to be discovered. I like to create treasuries of the wonderful items of the undiscovered. And, since I have yet to make a sale, I am also happy to promote and participate...

    Grandma :-)