Saturday, April 16, 2011

Challenge 1 Winning Treasury!!

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in our VERY first treasury challenge! I hope you all had fun, and I can't wait to see what you come up with next week!

Below is this week's winner, chosen by Alpacakids.

Here's what Alpacakids had to say about the challenge and the treasuries!

It has been an honor to have my baby hat as the inspiration for the first Alpaca Team Challenge. Thanks to everyone who participated in the challenge this week. There were many beautiful treasuries entered. Each time I would look at one and think it would be my favorite, another even more exquisite one would come along. I am thankful for the exposure that my shop has gotten by being a part of the challenge. I have become a part of many more circles, and have received lots of hearts for my shop, for the featured piece, and for some of my other items as well. I would encourage even more people will get involved in this challenge in the weeks to come. I’m already looking forward to next week’s challenge!

It was a difficult decision because there were so many beautiful treasuries,
but the winner is:

And because I also really really loved this one, I’m naming it first runner up:

Honorable mentions go to:
Our Family Completed by gravityforge
Snow Down on the Alpaca Farm by AcornAlleyDesigns
Spring Blues by FeltBugg

Congratulations to FallingLadies and all the honorable mentions!!
The next challenge will begin... Monday, April 18!


  1. Let's show the winning treasury by FallingLadies some Alpaca Team looove!! :D

  2. I feel really honored as there were some very nice treasuries... I also love the Mocha cream one and lots more!