Monday, May 2, 2011

4th Alpaca Treasury Challenge

5/2 - 5/7

A fun treasury challenge, hosted by the 1000 Things Alpaca Team on Etsy!

Anyone on Etsy can participate! You do NOT have to belong to the team, to participate or win the challenge!

Simply create a treasury featuring the "Inspiration Item" and following the guidelines listed below. If you WIN, something from YOUR shop will be our Inspiration Item next week!

This week's wonderful Inspiration Item...

Check out her stunning winning treasury, from last week's challenge, here.

To Participate...

Read the rules carefully, especially if it's your first time with us!

Create a treasury (or two... or three...) that follows the "Challenge Requirements". The theme can be anything at all, as long as you follow the guidelines. You may create as many treasuries as you'd like and enter as many times as you'd like!

This week's Inspiration Shop will select a winner, at the end of the challenge. The winner is completely up to them! Create the best treasury you can, and maybe... yours will be their favorite!!

You have until Saturday, May 7th...

Challenge Requirements:
  1. Include this week's Inspiration Item, anywhere in the first 3 rows (NOT as an alternate in the fourth row).

  2. Do NOT include any of your own items, or more than one item from the same shop.

  3. In addition to the Inspiration Item, your treasury must contain at least 4 items that are related to Alpacas, camelids, fiber, fiber arts, or are from 1000 Things Alpaca Team members. These "team-related" items can be placed anywhere in the treasury. The theme can be anything you'd like, as long as you include 4 team-related items and the inspiration item! For a list of team members, click here.

  4. While the challenge lasts, be sure to change out any items that disappear from your Treasury! But... Do NOT replace the Inspiration Item if it sells!!

  5. Tag your Treasury "alpacateam" and "ALPACAchallenge4" (#4, NO spaces). If your treasury isn't tagged correctly and doesn't show up in the Treasury search results by the judging deadline, it will not be judged.

  6. Leave a link to your treasury in the comments of this blog post. This isn't mandatory, but it is very important and HIGHLY recommended! It helps participants and judges find your treasuries easily!

  7. Leave a link to this blog post in your Treasury description (or in the first comment). If you're not sure what to say, feel free to copy and paste this:
This is an Alpaca Team Treasury Challenge entry! Anyone can play!
Find out how to participate:

***And before you participate... Make sure you'll be available to judge next week's challenge on Sunday! The winner this week, gets to pick the winner next week!***

  1. Follow this blog!

  2. If you have Alpaca-related items in your shop OR just love Alpacas, join the 1000 Things Alpaca Etsy Team! We'd love to have you!

  3. Members - You can post your treasuries in this week's entry thread, on our team forums. And DON'T forget to tag your items "alpacateam" to make it easier for participants to find you!

  4. Message the shops featured in your Treasury, letting them know about the Treasury and the challenge!

  5. Promote your treasury and the challenge! Tweet, Facebook, and share with friends. And don't forget to visit the 1000 Things Alpaca Team Facebook page, and share your Treasury link on our Wall!

  6. Use themes from Etsy's April Merchandising Desk, to increase your chances of getting a Front Page Treasury!

  7. Support other participants! Click, comment, and share other ALPACAchallenge treasuries.

Important Notes: Only shops that abide by Etsy's Rules & Regulations are eligible to win. Past winners are eligible to win again. Well Criated (the team captain) is the only person who is not eligible to win.

If you have an Etsy account, but not a shop, you can still participate and win! If the winner doesn't have a shop, they'll be asked to select their favorite treasury from the "Honorable Mentions" list, to be next week's Inspiration Shop.

This challenge ends... May 7th at 6pm EST.
The winner will be announced... May 8th.
The next challenge will begin... May 9th.



  1. Yay! I love the toadstools and I have some great ideas for this weeks challenge! :D Off to play around with this one..

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    Here's Cozy Noggin's Entry.

  11. Please note everyone - I listed the tag incorrectly. I had it as "alpacachallenge3" but it's actually #4!!!!

    I'm so sorry. :) If anyone did tag theirs incorrectly and doesn't see the messages I'm posting here and on the team forums about it - I will still find our treasury and count it for judging. :)

    Again sorry about that!

    AMAZING treasuries so far! Great work everyone!

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  15. this is my entry!! I have to admit it was pretty hard.. :) but I tried!

    Best Friends

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  17. Making treasuries is very therapeutic... :-)