Monday, December 19, 2011

Winner of Treasury Challenge #36

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in the Alpaca team's 24th treasury challenge! I hope everybody had fun and I can't wait to see what you come up with this week!

Below is this week's winner, chosen by etsybtsy.

Here's what etsybtsy had to say about the challenge and the treasuries!

Thank you all for participating in this treasury list. I appreciate the time that each one of you spent, and the creative energy it took you to make your entries. I would also like to thank those of you who sent messages out to the people featured, because this helps promote your treasury and possibly vault it to the front page!

I have been checking the entries through out the week and then took time tonight to sort out a winner and honorable mentions. This was very difficult! Just when I thought I had my selections picked, I changed it up and then did it all over again. They were all very good and I am grateful to be featured in so many wonderful treasury lists.

The winning treasury is:

beadfreaky with "The Eclectic Pod"

Not only did the theme strike me as unique, but I enjoyed the different textures and colors of the items. I think the placement of my cucumber seeds was very smart in the design of the treasury list because it highlights the listing well. Because some of the items are so unusual, it made me look through each item and kept my interest. Felted items seem to be very popular at the moment, so it was smart to include them. Thank you for your winning treasury list!

Honorable Mentions:

-Pamela Gladkowski from pamelasjewelry with "Winter Seedlings."
The colors you selected are absolutely perfect. It would have been easier to pick two complimentary colors and go from there, but you went beyond that with your choices, creating a much more flavorful palette. You chose items that were well photographed and well made. I really loved the fiber related selections and would love to own each one. Really, really great job!

- Deborah McClenahan from SimplyAroha with "It's a texture thing"
Texture gets me every time. You added depth to the treasury list by making it much more than a visual experience for me. I felt like I could feel the outside of the slither bowl and squish my hands through the BFL locks. I love blues and greens. Thanks for making it an "experience!"

CatchSomeRaes with "botanical"
This list is quite relaxing and feminine to me. From the standpoint of what I mainly carry in my shop, I can appreicate the flora of your entry. As cold as it has been outside, I yearn for the spring-time feel of what you have created. This list is a charming view of nature. I'll toast my cozy tea to your beautiful selections!

Esra Knitella from knitella2011 with "May it be a BRIGHT winter"
Your entry is delicious. Like - eat it up flavor. I love a rainbow that's not primary heavy, and your theme and selections are wonderful. You combine both textural elements with yummy colors that are tied together well by the lime greens. Even though these colors are bright and summery, there is a distinct WINTER theme to this list. Who said winter had to be dreary? Very well done.

Grandma from GrandmasCrochetCotta(ge) with "Be UNIQUE in Yourself."
Wow! What a way to highlight an item!! Yup, those cucumbers sure are unique - and your list does a great job showing them off. Typography print is fashionable at the moment; their inclusion was smart and current. I love animals, so the critter picks hit close to home, while the other selections brought design and romance to the forefront. Striking!

Congratulations to beadfreaky and all the honorable mentions!!

The next challenge will begin... Tuesday, December 20th at noon Eastern!

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