Saturday, April 16, 2011

We Support Alpaca & Llama Rescue!

I heard a very sad story this morning from my cousin who owns Cross Creek Alpaca Rescue. I won't give any names or locations, but there was a very sad case of Alpaca abuse and neglect. A couple animals starved to death and a cria (left by itself after it's mother passed) was killed by a coyote. Even though I never met these animals, I was deeply saddened by this tragedy.

MOST Alpacas taken in by rescues aren't victims of this kind of neglect or abuse. Most of the time, people donate well cared for animals BEFORE they get into serious financial trouble, because they love them and would hate for any harm to ever come to them.

But if we can't support Alpaca and Llama rescues... people will have nowhere to turn when they're no longer able to support their beloved creatures. And we'll hear a lot more stories like the one I heard today. That is something that I can't bear to see.

Believe it or not... I have heard Alpaca Rescues get SO MUCH negative feedback from people claiming that "Alpaca Rescues make the Alpaca industry look bad" because they make it seem like the industry "needs rescuing".

This is ridiculous - there are bad situations in EVERY single industry in the world, especially when there are such problems with the economy. What makes an industry look bad is when they turn their backs on Rescues and aid organizations! No, the Alpaca industry as a whole doesn't need rescuing. But there are always people who need help - no matter what market you're in. And if we turn our backs on Rescues, people who need help will have nowhere to turn. And then we WILL look bad - all of us.

So I want to take a moment to show some support and say thank you to the amazing organizations and farms out there, that are helping Alpacas and Alpaca owners in need.

There are SO many ways you can help:

- Share this blog post all over the web, to spread awareness about this important topic!
- Many of the rescues below have Facebooks, Blogs and/or Twitter accounts! Add them to show your support!
- Get in touch with Rescues in your area. You can help by donating hay, grain, and many other things! Also, many of them have volunteer programs, and need help caring for the animals!
- Adopt or foster an Alpaca or Llama! Many Rescues have foster care and adoption programs.
- And of course... monetary donations are ALWAYS appreciated. Even if it's very very small. Absolutely everything helps.

A Little About Cross Creek...

A 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, that focuses on rescuing Alpacas and relocating them in foster and adoption homes. They provide rehabilitation services for neglected or abused Alpacas. And they also accept animals as donations, from ranches or people that are no longer able to care for them.

Cross Creek's purpose is to foster compassion and responsibility for Alpacas and other animals, through rescue, intervention, education, and outreach. Their long-term mission is to encourage appreciation of Alpacas across the U.S. and around the world, especially non-breeding fiber animals.

Like us on Facebook!

The Camelid Rescue Coalition...

Group of several Rescue Organizations, that work together to help Camelids around the U.S.! Visit their website!

Northeast Llama Rescue Inc, Red Maple Farm, Middleburgh, NY

Rescue & Aid Resources by State

(Photo from Empire Alpacas Rescue & Rehabilitation Services!)

Rescue & Rehabilitation Services, Empire Alpacas, Johnson, KS
A program that takes in Alpacas of all ages, and rehabilitates them from the inside out! They have taken in many Alpacas, including 2 complete herds. Every animal is cared for individually. Their goal is to get each animal healthy and stable, and then place them with a loving home!

New York:
Alpaca 911 Rescue, Delanson, NY
Alpaca 911 isn't just a rescue for abused or neglected camelids - one of their main goals is to keep Alpacas and Llamas OUT of auction houses and IN loving homes.

Alpaca Aid & Assistance, The Humming Kingdom, Radnor, OH
Bottle Raising Orphan Cria, Phoenix Creek Farms, Madison, OH

7 Alpaca Rescue & Relief, Smith KREKK Alpacas, Bangor, PA
7 Alpacas Rescue & Relief offers several rescue and support services, for Alpaca owners during difficult times. They can help with emergency shearing, medical care, and temporary or permanent Alpaca placement.
Alpaca Rescue, Rainbow Mountain Alpacas, Punxsutawney, PA
Alpaca Rescue Services, Worthington Acres Farm & Fiber Mill, Unityville, PA
Hog Heaven Rescue Farm Alpaca Rescue, Cochranton, PA
A 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, that has been rescuing "hoofed animals" since 1998! They've also started taking in Alpacas! :)

Alpaca Rescue, West Wind Alpacas, Unionville, VA
West Wind Alpacas has over 20 years experience in caring for animals with special needs, and is happy to take in and help any Alpaca that needs some loving care!

Alpaca Rescue, Sandoller Alpacas, Kennewick, WA

Alpaca Rescue, Backyard Alpacas of Wisconsin, Shiocton, WI

There are also several online communities and forums that focus on Alpaca & Llama Rescue:

If you find any wrong information, please leave a comment with the correct information! If you know of an Alpaca/Llama rescue that isn't listed here, or a helpful site or community, please feel free to leave a link or blurb in the comments! I'm happy to add more to my list. :)

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